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Part of the project: Control models of perceptual stability in active observers 

Description of the postdoctoral project:

This project aims at the implementation of perceptual stability, a fundamental aspect of sensorimotor intelligence. The postdoctoral researcher will work in close collaboration with colleagues and PIs from perceptual psychology and systems and control theory. We will investigate the dynamic interplay of visual, non-visual sensory, and motor information in active vision. To achieve an understanding of perceptual stability on an algorithmic level, we will devise and implement closed-loop control sensorimotor models that exhibit the characteristics of biological perceptual and motor systems. We will combine state-of-theart psychophysical techniques with eye and motion tracking to gather data that critically evaluate these models’ predictions.

Lead PIs: Martin Rolfs & Jörg Raisch


Applicants must hold a PhD in Cognitive Science, Psychology, Neuroscience, or related fields at the time of the project start. Skills in the following domains are required:

• Demonstrable interest in sensorimotor control and vision science

• Expertise in psychophysics, eye tracking and motion tracking

• Experience in computational modeling

• Advanced programming skills in Matlab / Python / C / R for experimental control, data analysis, and modeling

• Willingness to engage in close collaboration with colleagues in control engineering / cybernetics

• Very good command of the English language (spoken and written)

Skills in the following domains are desired:

• Experience in systems and control theory


Application deadline: 29 November 2019 23:59 CET


Please visit the website of the Humboldt University, which gives you access to the legally binding German version.