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Lead PIs: Pawel Romanczuk, Heiko Hamann

Description of the doctoral project:

The project investigates collective decision making in spatially distributed systems inspired by the behavior of biological collectives. Here, we are particularly interested in the ability of agents to change their social decision behavior and their social movement responses adaptively. The main research aim is to understand how these modifications of individual behavior affect collective decision making on adaptive spatial networks, and how these individual-level changes control the speed and accuracy of the collective decision-making process in various scenarios. The research involves two main parts: 1) Implementation of a bio-inspired, spatially-explicit, individual-based model for social movements and collective decisions, and systematic investigation of the speed-accuracy tradeoff through large-scale model simulations. 2) Design and performance of corresponding swarm robotic experiments for collective decision making under physical constraints (communication range, location, environment).


Applicants preferably hold a Master’s degree (or be close to completion) in Computer Science, Robotics, Electrical Engineering, or Physics and should have a background in:

● Mobile / swarm robotics

● Programming in C/C++ or Python

● Interest in biological collective behavior

● Very good knowledge of English


Application deadline: 29 November 2019 23:59 CET


Please visit the website of the Humboldt University, which gives you access to the legally binding German version